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ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018 v11.2 Build 1309 Incl.Keymaker-CORE


ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018 v11.2 Build 1309 Incl.Keymaker-CORE 
165.00 MB 

Ultimate Photographic Vision 

With GPU-accelerated adjustment layers, RAW editing, and an arsenal of professional digital asset management tools, ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018 is perfectly positioned as the only software you need to satisfy any part of your digital photography workflow. Now featuring even more ways to take
control of your photo manipulation, flexible mobile importing, tools facilitating productivity, and much more, Photo Studio Ultimate makes it easy to get speedy, stunning results. 

Comprehensive RAW Editor 

Make the most of your RAW images with Photo Studio Ultimate's built-in support for over 500 camera models. 
For ultimate freedom, start with the rough data captured by your camera's sensor and non-destructively transform it into whatever you want using exposure, contrast, color, repair, sharpening, and other detail-based tools. 

Visionary Layered Editing 

You can use the Layered Editor to fearlessly innovate using parametric photo manipulation. 
Add layers designed to achieve individual adjustments and effects, and go back in to tweak them at any time. Pair individual layers with any Edit mode filter or adjustment for complete image manipulation liberty. 

Effortless Digital Asset Management 

Finding, sorting, moving, organizing, and sharing—everything you need for complete mastery over your photography workflow is right here, at your fingertips. Add ratings, hierarchical keywords, categories, and location data to your images. Quickly identify photos for further processing with visual tags or customizable color labels. 

Erase and Replace 

Take what you want from your photos, and integrate the rest. Select unwanted objects for removal and use the Smart Erase function to fill in the area with a matching background. 
This content-aware tool will produce a natural result even while extracting elements like telephone poles, crowds of strangers, imperfections, ominous clouds—whatever you want. Even eliminate structures and surfaces to create fantastical manipulations and image composites. 

Deform and Reform 

Creative image manipulation has never been so fluid. The Liquify tool allows you to distort objects in images without compromising quality. 
Shift, pinch, bulge, or restore. Develop free-flowing designs, or retouch portraits by moving pixels without altering them. *Available for 64-bit only. 

Mobilize Your Life 

With ACDSee Mobile Sync, you can wirelessly and instantly send photos and videos directly to ACDSee Photo Studio from your mobile device! Just select and send. 
Available on iPhone and Android, the ACDSee Mobile Sync app keeps track of which photos have been sent, so you don't have to. Zoom through your process with flexible selection options and configurable filenames and subfolders. Edit and transfer metadata while taking advantage of RAW support on iPhone. 

What's New 

Smart Erase 

Remove unwanted objects and the Smart Erase tool will fill in the area naturally. 


Retouch portraits by moving pixels, not changing them. 

Frequency Separation 

You can smooth out flaws without losing texture by separating high frequency and low frequency layers in one step. 

Chromatic Aberration 

Heal colored fringes on the borders of high contrast areas with the Chromatic Aberration tool. 

Actions Browser 

Record your editing process, categorize and manage recordings, and batch apply any of 125+ pre-loaded recordings to multiple images at once. 

Pixel Targeting 

Select and mask by targeting specific brightness ranges and colors within the image— even skin tones. 

Lens Correction 

In Edit mode, correct barrel and pincushion distortion by applying the fix calibrated for the distortion inherent to the lens used. 

Improved Performance 

Brushing is now 400% speedier! Also enjoy faster undoing and redoing, as well as Drawing tools. 

Polygon Selection Tool 

Select around edges and irregular shapes with the Polygon Selection tool. 

Grain Tool 

Give your images an old, film grain look with the Grain tool. 

Keyboard Shortcuts 

Whip through your process with hot keys available for every stage of your workflow. 

Split Tone Adjustment Layer 

You can tint shadows and highlights respectively with a non-destructive adjustment layer. 



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